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she did it, she BEAT me

March 1st 2020


So she did it, a 6-month-old beat me…
My Baby daughter got a cold and all hell broke loose

On Thursday, from around 1am – 5am, myself and the missus had matchsticks in our eyes

Yeh, Yeh, Yeh I hear you…

But you said that with a newborn you still NEED SLEEP to be optimal with your training

Give me a break!

I still standby that with a newborn you need sleep to be optimal with your fat loss or strength gains

The key for me/you is optimising the sleep you (or I) do get, with good habits.

The sleep may be less, but OPTIMAL…

These are the cardinal rules I stick to, that are a must for new dads or even those who struggle with sleep.

1. No caffeine after 1200
2. No Phones/TV’s screens etc in your bedroom
3. Dark cool room
4. No alcohol (2 weeks is my cut off)

Your sleep may be limited, but if you can optimise your sleep, you will optimise your training and fat loss
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