Secret Pill – Max Fat Loss Results

August 22nd 2018


The Secret Pill for Maximum FAT Loss


So I’m sat looking at fakebook (yes i call it fakebook) and

I can’t believe how many people still fall for the false claims, you know the ones

>>6 pack in 6 days
>>Lean and mean in 2 weeks
>>Drop a dress size (or 2) whilst just eating these super wonder tablets, you get my drift…


You see, the thing is, this kind of rubbish talk and claims gives a lot of credible trainers a bad name..

There are some awesome trainers around and they don’t deserve to be stained with this kind of rubbish..

The guys/gals that peddle the so called Secret pills, potions and tablets that can get you to drop 2 dress sizes or put on 12lbs of lean muscle in 10 days….are all talking complete rubbish

Have a READ of this.

Most of these FAD diets will tell you to eat healthy and drink at least 3-4 litres of water per day whilst taking the miracle pill

…or the effects won’t work…

So everyone takes the pills or potions, drinks lots of water and eats healthy, but the secret pill is the thing that works…??

I tell you what.

I have a potion that is available and will keep you car clean, you will never have a dirty car…. EVER….!

The first thing i want you to do, is to place the secret potion in the glove box and leave it there for 10 days…

Then during the 10 days i want you to do this….
1. Hoover your car everyday
2. Clean the outside of your car everyday
3. Don’t eat food in your car.. (Ever)
4. But what ever you do, don’t remove the pills from the glovebox…or the car will get dirty..

These pills cost £150 for the 10 days…. any takers…?

Sean Cole
Training Director, SC Vital Fitness
Portsmouth’s Leading Personal Training Gym

P.S – We are here and will be delivering FREE nutrition workshops in the near future, if you want some real solid advice on how you should go about your training/nutrition, send me an email and ill get back asap.