Pull YOUR finger out of your bum..

May 14th 2015


What a month its been at the facility..
(pretty awesome!)

…however, it has been so hard to avoid all

the media with regards the election

with regards who is going to lead the country
and take charge to make a difference…

My thoughts on the whole thing…?

I noticed there was a lot of whining,
slagging each other off ….
(my dad is better than YOUR dad etc….)

Many of the politicians where lying and talking absolute 
bollocks to each other about who is best for the
country and our development...

However, I did vote, so what ever happens i
made sure that i had my say…

(Bunch of bitches..!)

The take home message…

We where sat in costa (Standard)
and overheard 2 guys talking…,

…this is how it went:

Bloke 1 – “What a farce that the vote went that way”
Bloke 2 – “Yes mate, an absolute joke having them in power”

Bloke 1 – “Did you vote..?”
Bloke 2 – “Nah mate, no point..!”

How can you comment when you didn’t 
take action, didn’t do something about it..??

Sound familiar..?

Why not take your finger out of your arse and

take action, by following a plan, eating well etc…

If YOU don’t take action how can you expect

the result to be different..??

If you don’t take action, you need to stop whining

about a lack of weight loss, lack of motivation

or lack of strength and start doing something about it…

Or, how do you expect things to be different..?

TOP TIP get your finger out and:

1.Take responsibility 
2.Take action
3.Make a change…

Finally, aim high, the sky is the limit..!

Sean (Takes action) Cole (AKA Fitness Dad)


P.s Try and find a coach who is good for 
your development… 

P.p.s it will make sure your finger 
stays out of your arse

i am brutally honest and love what i do.. HARD WORK..

See you at the gym …. 

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