Positive Mind = Positive Results

July 27th 2016



​Getting fit and losing the chunky bits is all about your attitude,
staying positive, motivated and focused, as this has been proven to show us that YOU are going to succeed.

​One tool that can help us succeed is mantra (Concentration).

A mantra is a powerful, inspirational, calming or motivating
phrase used in repetition.

When you feel a bit frustrated, powerless, deflated and a bit pissed off,
repeating some good thoughts–either in your head or out loud–can give
you that extra momentum you need to stick to your health goals.

Write down a phrase that makes you happy (mantra) and place it on the fridge,
or on the corner of your computer screen, or in the car.

(Somewhere you will see it)

This little positive reminder can help you stay the course.

And above all it gives you ownership of your health.

If you try this approach it has been shown to assist you with
your weight-loss or other health-related goals by reinforcing
positive behavior and a positive attitude.

This in turn will bring about success in your weight loss journey.

What to do next…??

Think of a powerful phrase or saying that means something
to you and makes you want to get up in the morning

Use it to channel your thoughts and it will help you to remain on track.


Sean Cole
Head Coach
​SC Vital Fitness