Pizza for breakfast… No!

October 27th 2018


Shut the F**k up six pack Pete!

The question we all want to know Is pizza really that bad? can it really hinder your gains (losses)

Yes and no is the simple answer

So i posted a picture of myself tucking into a 20″ pizza and it caused a lot of genuine interest, some good, some bad

Let me explain a little bit more on why it can be good and why it can be bad

Why is it good?

If you under eat all day and haven’t added enough calories, then a slice or two of pizza will be good

How can it be bad?

If you have eaten like a nob all day and then top it off with pizza and beer, then it can be bad

It all boils down to a couple of things,

Eating the right amount of calories for your aim and not stressing about six pack pete and his wonder pills that you have to take to keep you in hormonal balance.

Believe it or not, six pack pete and his stressful bullshit about hormonal balance pills and negating things that you like, is gonna cause you more damage in the long term.


So what is the solution?


Eat like an adult and not like a child

Don’t restrict everything you like

Don’t overindulge with everything you like

Don’t eat like a nob