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cheat meals, good or bad?

Who does it…?  How many of you eat crap and say, I’m just having a cheat meal..? or I’m having a treat and i deserve this chocolate cake because i worked out..?Me, that’s who…! I’m not gonna let you read...

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a coaches fat loss journey

“Rome wasn’t built in a day but has lasted thousands of years.” So you want results and you want them fast?…… Your right everyone, even me...

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want to lose fat?

​You want to LOSE FAT, get stronger, faster, and build muscle. So you keep training harder and harder. The problem is that all these...

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cupcakes for breakfast…really?

​Just got an email, asking where is my morning e-mail, you’re late..!—————————————————————————— Ha ha…!, it is a bit of a late one today, I...

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