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Dont Blame Others

We like to think most people are positive in their outlook. In truth this is one thing we are all good at when times are going well and life seems great. However the hard part seems to come when...

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Predator is not good for Fat Loss

Predator (The big Scary alien!) is back———————————- . Unless you are blind or too young, you will have seen the film predator, which in...

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Optimal Fat Loss Training

Optimal FAT loss Training What does a workout to burn the chunky bits, look like..? Like this… Your (our) workout should be designed along...

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Super Hero Syndrome

Super hero syndrome, what’s that?——————————————————–  Who do you follow on Facebook/Instagram that is in great shape… but eats what they want?.“I wish i looked...

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Best Supplements for Fat Loss?

What are the best Supplements for fat loss? ———————————————————— . The answer is none!! Eat in a slight calorie deficit, add more protein and...

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