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Optimal Fat Loss Training

Optimal FAT loss Training What does a workout to burn the chunky bits, look like..? Like this… Your (our) workout should be designed along a few variables: The variables of getting strong, increasing the size of your muscles AND...

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Super Hero Syndrome

Super hero syndrome, what’s that?——————————————————–  Who do you follow on Facebook/Instagram that is in great shape… but eats what they want?.“I wish i looked...

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Best Supplements for Fat Loss?

What are the best Supplements for fat loss? ———————————————————— . The answer is none!! Eat in a slight calorie deficit, add more protein and...

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Drink Beer And Lose Weight

Can you drink beer and lose weight/fat..? Yes kind off—————————————————————-So then, you have a body fat test, do your measurements etc and you have...

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