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You don’t need to diet to lose fat

Apparently you don’t need to exercises to lose fat..?————————————————————————I’m not joking and i’m sure that many of you have seen these claims on the marketing scams that are out there in the industry… Usually with the picture of a...

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Sugary shit for breakfast

Do you want Sugary shit for breakfast?——————————————————A woman walks in for breakfast at a hotel, she wants breakfast. A waitress asks her what she...

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Are you a victim?

​PERSON A (is this you?) – I’m too busy, I have kids, a full time job and very little time….. My life is too...

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have you ever been catfished?

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN CATFISHED..?—————————————————–So then what is a catfish..? This is the programme on MTV all about how people meet other people online.. They believe...

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the problem with weight loss

​The Problem with weight loss———————————————–I know what you’re thinking, the problem with weight loss is that you’re not losing any. But that’s not it....

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