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write this down

What a film that was… Hacksaw Ridge.. The plot was based around a guy that rescued 75 people from being slaughtered by the Japanese after the yanks retreated.. The thing is the Commanding Officer thought that everyone had died...

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do you want to get a summer shred on?

>>Getting my summer shred on<< ————————————————“I wish i hadn’t eaten that …”   “I’ve been eating HEALTHY to try and get my shred on for...

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You don’t need to diet to lose fat

Apparently you don’t need to exercises to lose fat..?————————————————————————I’m not joking and i’m sure that many of you have seen these claims on the...

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Sugary shit for breakfast

Do you want Sugary shit for breakfast?——————————————————A woman walks in for breakfast at a hotel, she wants breakfast. A waitress asks her what she...

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Are you a victim?

​PERSON A (is this you?) – I’m too busy, I have kids, a full time job and very little time….. My life is too...

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