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Together we are stronger

Together we are stronger———————————— What a weekend, so yesterday I went to watch War of the Planet of the Apes...It was fantastic…!.I don’t want to spoil it but those Apes where absolutely brilliant….The basic premise of it was “together we...

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Is it your fault..?

​Stop fixing the symptoms, start fixing the cause..If I were to hit you on the head with a hammer every 5 minutes, the symptom...

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Does your bum smell?

Before i go into the smelly bum thing, let’s take a look at our People of fitness page and the stories of how fitness has changed...

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are you always injured?

I overheard an older guy in the supermarket telling his mate that he can’t get to the gym, because he is always injured, …....

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Optimal FAT loss training

​What does a workout to burn the chunky bits, like the guys/girls on our 30 day Experience..look like..? Like this… Your (our) workout should be designed...

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