Out of your comfort zone

March 31st 2018


Comfort zone…

So you enter the weights area and you feel uncomfortable… Everyone is staring and you feel like leaving…

Have you ever been there..or felt a bit intimidated..?

Some of us that like to lift, tend to find the weights area ok(ish)… But in order to put a coach out of a comfort zone…. We found that if you bring a camera it freaks us out..! 🎥

We all felt awkward, out of place and a bit intimidated about each other and how we looked…sound familiar?

Will everyone be watching…yep..!

This is the start of a little bit of an educational series of videos from the team at SCVF…and it’s free…

Every month we will publish a series of videos for our followers or group members.

Why? Our tips and advice will ensure that you feel comfortable in any gym.

We will keep you posted 👊

Sean Cole
SC Vital Fitness