Optimal FAT loss training

July 6th 2017


What does a workout to burn the chunky bits, like the guys/girls on our 30 day Experience..look like..?

Like this…

Your (our) workout should be designed along a few variables: 

The variables of getting strong, increasing the size of your muscles AND burning chunky bits.

YOUR (our) goal is for you to reach your maximum potential (Lose fat or getting stronger), in the most efficient manner with regards your lifestyle and training age. 

There have been many trials that have taken place with regards volume and intensity (percentage of weight used, how many sets, time under tension and rest periods) to see what can be utilised from the most experienced lifter to the complete novice in how they are going to get strong or lose the chunky bits..(Who doesn’t hate chunky bits!)

A recent study took some healthy males and allocated them either slow or normal bar speeds on a compound exercise (Back Squat, press, deadlift etc) 

They kept the weight under tension for 6 secs 3 down and 3 up, with no pause at the bottom.


The researchers found that after an 8 week training programme the low speed of the squat movement displayed an increase in muscle size by an average of 70% and an increase in strength by 10%. However, even though there was an increase in size and strength, there was no increase in power.


This tells us that if you are looking to gain strength it may be a good idea to slow the reps down and not bounce out of every rep. 

On the other hand if you are looking to increase power, you need to speed the reps up. 

Or (THE BIGGEST TOP TIP!) If you are looking to burn the chunky bits (FAT), get more time under tension….In other words get uncomfortable and take a look at our 30 day experience, its pretty epic..!


​Sean Cole
Training Director

P.S – Not every Fat loss Journey is the same, but if you need help we can make sure it will be an awesome one..!