number one fat loss tip

May 26th 2019


Are you winding me up?


It takes a lot to get me annoyed, but this is up in my top 5.


You head out for your weekly shop to the supermarket, usually, on a Saturday/Sunday and have your shopping list in hand.


Life is good, especially if you’re like me and LOVE food 🙂


You pull into the car park and see an empty space and are about to pull in and it’s there!!


A fucking trolley at the end of the space, so your car won’t fit.


All because someone with LAZY-ASS-ITIS (lazy person disease) who can’t be bothered to walk 15 metres to put their trolley back.


This weekend, it happened twice in one trip!


Let’s look at why it matters to the person(s)  who left the trolley.


It’s all about NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) basic movement outside of the gym (calorie burning), yep, even a little bit more walking is going to help lose those pounds of fat.


So the big tip to burn more fat and lead a healthier lifestyle – is to WALK MORE and put your DAMN trolley back!