Nobody cares about your wobbly bits

March 13th 2017


As I write this i am on a plane flying over the English Channel, its one hell of a site..

The thing I notice on the flight is that we all sit close and hope that nobody is a nutcase, but we don’t talk or even acknowledge one another….that is until I bumped my head and the lady beside me smiled.

So if we don’t acknowledge each other when we sit close, why do so many feel that they are being acknowledged as the fat bloke or girl in the gym, with gym bro’s sniggering behind their backs..?

>>Or are they…?

Because some people think like this, they then try and conduct their own healthy eating regime, their own training programmes all on their own without any support.

Don’t get me wrong I think that this is great as the obesity epidemic is horrendous and as a country we are getting fatter every day.

The problem with our sick and overweight uk population is that most of them fail on their own….miserably..(not good)

Why..?  All because they feel terrible when they enter the gym…

Think on this, like the people on this plane who don’t acknowledge each other, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t mean because they don’t talk to me that they are laughing behind me back (only if you bump your head!).

So, I say who cares….yep the bro’s in the tight stringer vest and skinny jeans on a night out can go and lick the windows of the nearest bus.

You might then think that I’m gonna say, you need to come to SC Vital Fitness, we are not like that….we are 100% on your side….BUT and it’s a big BUTT..


That seems kinda weird doesn’t it….on one side I say we are the best gym for your needs, but on the other I am saying don’t come here…?

If you feel intimidated by people and have no support from the regular people in your life…it won’t work…you will still feel that way, no matter what gym you go to..

It’s all about your inner chimp, which makes you paranoid and think that everyone is talking about you..

Take it from me, you need to have more of a “I don’t care attitude” and I’ll tell you why..

Nobody cares about your wobbly bits and what you’re doing in the gym, most of us just care if you turn up or not..(We are not the bro’s)


​Sean Cole
Training Director

P.S – We can teach a lot of this on our Trial Run Membership, fancy a go..?