My workout is rubbish

March 27th 2017



I get it you want to BE STRONG, you want to LOSE THE LOVE HANDLES but you don’t know what to do…, all because there are so many internet sites, gym BRO’s and google trainers saying different things, which makes any workout you do, rubbish.

I get it, the problem with modern day training is that the internet is awash with information like the following:

  • 3 sets x 10 reps on every machine in the gym will get you the muscle size you want.
  • 4 sets x 1-3 reps using squats and deadlifts will get you mahoosive.
  • My awesome online programme (one size fits all) will make your muscles grow into a house in 8 weeks.
  • You can put on 8kg of lean mass in 1 week with this programme (yeh right!) This is an actual programme on the internet, I shit you not.
  • My Instagram profile will let you know that i have the perfect training programme for you, look at my 6 pack..!
  • blah blah blah…

I feel your pain, i was a skinny 16 year old, i started the odd bit of weights at 21 and my life changed, or so i thought..

I was shown everything i knew by a BRO…(BRO – Has no idea what he is doing, but thinks he knows a lot..) at the time I took his word as gospel.

My training programme looked like this in 1994:

  • Monday – Chest and Bi’s
  • Tuesday – Shoulders and Tri’s
  • Wednesday – Day off
  • Thursday – Back and Bi’s
  • Friday – Chest and Bi’s (It was the weekend after all)

​No abs/Core, No legs and a f**ked up body..

This lack of knowledge still spurned me onto do more of the same and mess my body up into a big tangled heap….until…..(its not what you think..!)


At age 30 I split up with my sons mum and then found out how much fun i could have in the pub, drinking beer and chatting to women who liked my appearance (or so I thought..)

“The frequent trips to the pub made me fat, bloated, insecure, desperately unhappy with a massive chip on my shoulder, I was not happy.”

The thing is, I still see this type of thing on a regular basis from the modern gym user….nothing has changed, most guys between 28 – 42 are unhappy with how they look and are in the pub most weekends.
But they never let it show, they keep moving forward because it is not the manly thing to do….to tell people you are unhappy with how you feel and how you look.

Fast forward 14 years and i have made it my mission to help people who are in my position today.

The guys out there who have a lack of self esteem, unhappy, sick of being a bit bloated and with no idea what to do in the gym.

So then, how can we fix this, and how can we get past the white noise in the industry and feeling miserable..?


I’ll tell you what, fire me an email at and if i think you need it, i will book you in for a chat with me and help you map out a plan for the next 30 days FOR FREE to get you back on track and ill even give you a copy of my new 42 page E-Book.


​Sean Cole
Training Director