My Top Tips for Success

December 24th 2016



1. Stop hanging out with atmosphere hoovers.

An atmosphere hoover is that person in your life who is mentally draining, the one that has an issue with the world and likes to have all the energy focused on them and doesn’t really care what is going on in your life, they suck the atmosphere out of every room (just like a hoover!)

2.Stop taking care of everyone else and leaving yourself till last

​Be a bit more selfish and make yourself a priority for once. You don’t need to be a dick and ignore everyone else in your life, just start looking after Number 1 (you) this is why aircraft deploy oxygen masks and say look after yourself first….it is so in the long term, the ones you really care about will benefit.

3. Make it so.

Take a leap of faith and do something that you have been putting off, get a coach (Gym, Life, Businesss), go on holiday, (or eat some donughts)…just do something that you have been putting off.

I hear ya, “but I will have to change things around” ….this goes back to the point above, make some time for yourself. IT’S ALL ABOUT BALANCE.

4. Be yourself and let the real you come to the surface.

This is something I have personally struggled with (until recently). Trying to be something you are not.
Look, the world needs to see the real you, the one who put you on this journey, the one that makes the decisions. Stop being fake and meaningless.

The end result is that you will attract the people that you want to work with. This in itself is FUCKING liberating!

BONUS – Don’t be afraid to say no!

5. Take Notice of things

Stop, take a look around and take in what is going on, if you don’t, you will never get the moment back and will soon regret it. Experience as much of life as possible.

6. Write down who you really are (Be honest)

Get brutal and put down on paper what you like and dislike about who you are.  Your Strengths/Weaknesses.

This will make you realise a few things and you will se the thing that is holding you back, the thing that makes you keep quiet, when in reality you should be shouting from the roof tops.

7. Show that you are happy with other successful people.

Never get jealous about someone else’s achievements, do you think it was easy for them to get to where they are…? (NOPE) they worked hard and deserve to be where they are. Concentrate on your own success; if you do, then people will more than likely love it when you become successful.

8. Stress less

This is not the easiest thing to do, especially when you work so hard to become successful and provide for your family.The thing is, if you don’t get your stress and work-life balance under control, you won’t be there to experience all that success with the ones you love.

My Thoughts on STRESS – This is something that is often talked about in the fitness industry, however, this only applies if you have a certain amount of success that enables you to take time away….what I mean is, don’t be fucking lazy, because you think you have made it.


Sean Cole
​Training Director
SC Vital Fitness