My top 20 Fitness tips

February 11th 2018


My Top 20 Fitness Tips

1. Use the 80/20 rule when eating, 80% good, 20% not so good.

2. Eat vegetables (LOTS OF THEM!).

3. Eat carbs, do not be afraid of them (Even at night..).

4. Don’t diet, have balance (see 80/20 Rule).

5. Stay away from FADS.

6. Consistency brings about results, 3 x a week is optimal.

7. Have a goal.

8. Increase your protein intake. (2 grams per KG of BW).

9. Lift weights (Compound lifts – See below).

10. Do squats.

11. Do deadlifts.

12. Do pressing.

13. Maintain form for every rep.

14. Work with intensity.

15. Stop being a fanny.

16. Make YOUR HEALTH a priority.

17. Get a good Personal Trainer.

18. Stop listening to the Bros and hoes.

19. Stop going on the scales..!

20. Read this Blog (again!)..ha ha!

Talk soon,
Sean Cole

P.S – If you ever have any questions, let me know, ill get answers to you asap… 🙂