My STRESS is out of control…!

June 18th 2019


You see that person who is always being a jobsworth a stress head


The one who walks around the office in a constant rage


They’re not a stress head, they’re a PRICK


I met a few of them during my time in the service, they where just arseholes


This is STRESS


I was asked by someone who wasn’t on good form (stressed)…,


….”what can I do about my STRESS, I feel like killing a muppet” (someone or something that pisses you off)


“I go to sleep and wake up constantly worrying about work and it plays on my mind, I just can’t seem to switch off..!”


Could this be you?


If it’s you then READ THIS


A few stress-relieving tips, that I use to keep me sane, that don’t involve a knife or shotgun for the muppets!


Brain dump – put all the things you think abut on paper prior to going to bed


Screen-free zone – Stay off Facebook and Instagram before bed, or you could have FOMO, (Fear Of Missing Out)


Get to the gym – Relieve the stress or get a routine that involves the release of endorphins


Get some sexy time – Kind off explains itself… tee hee…


If you have any questions about not shooting a muppet, pop them below.