my metro (car) body

August 20th 2017



A little insight from Coach Chris..
I was once described by a coach much greater than myself as having a Ferrari engine in a metro shell. 
It was a bit of an insult, but it’s true. 
What the hell was he on about!?
He meant I have the muscles to produce lots of power and strength, much like a Ferrari engine. Unfortunately these muscles are used with inadequate movement patterns and are supported by tendons and joints that are not up to the job of harnessing this power, much like a metro shell wouldn’t be up to the job.  
It means I regularly get injured as I lack the control and support that I need.
For years I ignored the basics as many guys do, I didn’t know or understand them. I thought I knew everything and so did the other guys I trained with, all we cared about was putting weight on the bar. Letting form slide, and laughing off indications that the wheels were coming off.
How times have Changed
I’m paying the price constantly trying to prevent and fix injuries that have been years in the making, making sure I cover all the basics I’ve been lacking. 
Trying to master efficient movement, using all the right muscles, and strengthen all the supporting areas that I didn’t care or know about before. 
Not to mention spending years learning everything I didn’t know, and the realisation that I will always continue learning but can always know more.
Most importantly I have learnt from my mistakes, and as a coach I will never ever make these mistakes with anyone I work with. 
This is my integrity and it’s something that won’t let me down, if you don’t want to work on mastering the fundamentals so you can keep doing this forever, then I’m not the coach for you.


​Talk soon,
Chris Bundell
P.S – If you do want to do this forever, you’re gonna need to know what you’re doing, or work with someone who does – Get in touch.