My lack of sleep is killing me

September 8th 2019


How’re things since you had the baby?

  • I bet you’re fucked!? (see pic)
  • I bet there are lots of sleepless nights?
  • I bet you don’t have any time to workout?

A few comments I am getting pretty used to after having a baby at 46 years young

OK, I admit, I do feel more tired than usual…BUT…

…I’m not gonna use it as an excuse to let myself grow a DAD BOD

>>This is me on a Wednesday afternoon after being in work from 0540.

I had to get a power nap in before heading back to work at 5 pm

I know some of you won’t have time for a power nap, but you do have time to implement some simple strategies to help with the quality (not the quantity) of your sleep

  • No caffeine after 2pm
  • No booze
  • Drink plenty of water

These simple strategies will ensure that the sleep you are getting is quality

It is not easy (trust me I know!) but it can be done, especially if you want to steer away from having man tits… 

…because you don’t want your baby sucking on those bad boys…