My Coach tells me i should lift weights, why?

August 17th 2016



The question you should put to your coach or trainer
when they tell you to lift weights in the gym is why..?

Why do I need to be strong..?

Why do I need to lift weights…?

“I just like to run, play football or I just want to be fit
and injury free, surely, if I lift weights I am sure that I
will get hurt from the heavy lifting..?”

Take it from me, your coach is on to a winner as
we believe that everyone needs to train for strength,
even If you don’t play sport.

Lets talk about why we lift weights for sport:
(it may not be what you think)

With all sports there is a need to increase your speed
through the kinetic chain (From the floor, up). Therefore,
It is essential that you decrease your ground contact
time and increase your strength, as this in turn relates
to increased speed and power, making you a faster athlete
and a winner.

Lets talk about why we lift weights in everyday life and
why it is good for your goal of being healthy and staying lean,
with less chunky bits.

If you increase your strength and power, this will make you
more robust, which in turn will ensure that you are less
susceptible to injury as long as your form is good
​and more likely to stay lean and strong.

In all cases strength training or injury prevention is a must in all
walks of life, because at some point the body may be required
to overcome a force or do something under strain, even if you
are a couch potato.

So if you want to progress, stay lean or be healthy, you should
be conducting strength training using the correct programme.

The reason for this is that we have found that this will enhance
your control, stability and eventually apportion some muscle size
and strength related to your sport or give you some muscle that
will burn away the chunky bits and keep you lean.


​Sean Cole
Head Coach