Mandy’s story of why…

March 22nd 2017



What where you doing before SC Vital Fitness?

Crossfit and Powerlifting on the side. I was a complete Crossfit fanatic and completely obsessed

What Changes have you noticed? 

The biggest change is that I am now completely pain free. I had no idea until now how much being in constant pain affects your day to day life. I now solely Powerlift and love it. I no longer over train and because of that my lean mass has increased and I have got so much stronger and feel healthier.

Would you recommend us?    

Absolutely. The best move I ever made was leaving a crossfit facility and joining SC Vital Fitness. A great, welcoming community where we support each other. I feel very proud to be a member and I get to be coached by the best coaches who strive for you to achieve your goals.

Sean Cole
Training Director

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