Lower calorie foods make you FAT

August 10th 2019


Kind of doesn’t make sense when you read it, does it?


The thermic effect of food determines that the lower your calories..


…the more weight you lose, not gain weight.


So then, how can lower calories make you FAT?


It goes something like this…


“I’m restricting myself to 1000 calories to get in shape, but I just can’t help myself and get a serious case of the munchies…


…I really crave sugary foods, basically anything I can get my hands on”


If you restrict yourself to this degree you will essentially start to crave CRAP


This, in turn, leads to overeating and that is why you will always remain the same


Does it take will power to lose weight… YES


Will you be slightly more hungry, when you eat slightly less …. YES


Should you restrict yourself to the bare bones of food… FUCK NO!


There you have it, that is why low-calorie diets make you FAT…