Lifting weights could make you more intelligent

October 27th 2016



A recent study with people who had early signs of
dementia suggested that lifting weights
(Free weights, not machines!)
can improve your brain function.

During the study, the participants were asked to
conduct weight training and brain training.

The research from this found a link between an increase
in strength and increased brain function.

The thing is, the usual perception is that those who lift
weights are a bit daft and are doing the only thing
they are good at. This kinda makes sense,  due to the
comments  I heard from other people whilst I was in
the Military as a Physical Training Instructor (PTI), many
people commented on how we had it easy and if you
were a PTI, you were a bit stooopid..!

We were seen as lunk heads, who lifted weights and nothing
else.  In my mind these comments are now seen as a bit
stoopid and those who like to lift weights, could even
​be the next Albert Einstein..(not quite)

On that basis, at SC Vital Fitness we recommend
that YOU should lift more weights so that the world
will have a “healthier aging population”

“The stats say that at least 135 million people are expected
to have dementia by 2050″,
don’t let that be you.

The same team that conducted this study also revealed that
it did not improve significantly after cognitive brain training,
like it did with those that conducted weight training.

The lead researcher, said that the increase in brain function
was related to muscle strength gains.

“The stronger people became, the greater the benefit for their brain.”

 “The key however is to make sure you are doing it frequently,
at least twice a week, and at a high intensity so that you are
maximising your strength gains.

​This will give you the maximum benefit for your brain.” 


Sean Cole
​Training Director