leigah’s story of why..

March 17th 2017



What where you doing before SC Vital Fitness? 

A mixture of body building, calisthenics, olympic lifts and Brazilian JiuJitsu

What Changes have you noticed?

Body fat has dropped and muscle mass has increased. Clothes are looser and I am sleeping better.

Would you recommend us?

I had some gym experience but I had no real direction and wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. 
The programming here is great and the coaches help you to improve in any areas where you are weak or have issues.

Everybody is welcoming, there is a real “family” atmosphere. Having come from the typical gym where it’s quite solitary; headphones in a zoning everyone else out. Not here, everyone is encouraging of each other and are happy to see everyone else progress, this is one of the great things about SC Vital Fitness


​Sean Cole
Training Director

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