Ladies, Weights will make you big and bulky!!

April 1st 2015


All women who do weights are big and bulky…

All men who do weights are oversized bodybuilders!!..

I don’t do weights because i will get big and bulky…

Listen up big pants!!
Cupcakes make you big and bulky, NOT WEIGHTS!!

There is a difference in muscle between CHICKS & DICKS.

On average, men produce ten times more Testosterone than females.

Unless you’re a female who’s taking steroids or other male hormones,
lifting weights will not make you look like a man!

Women are not predisposed to build muscle like their male counterparts
as there’s a considerable difference in muscle mass distribution…


**If you do build a significant amount of muscle, 
you still won’t look masculine**

**Even guys who conduct weights won’t necessarily get big!!**
Ladies/Gents, if your physique could be described as “skinny-fat”

…..and you conduct endless sessions of cardio…..
(x-trainer, running, circuits in the park etc),

….then continuing to do these endless sessions
is not going to resolve the problem.


  • If you do more cardio than weights, please switch that ratio around.
  • Lifting is your new Priority
  • Eat more.
  • Consider increasing your calorie intake (in the correct way!)

  • Rest.
  • One rest day per week minimum but ideally two or three.
  • Respect the process.
  • Don’t expect changes to happen instantly

Have a go at the workout attached, 30-60 secs rest, NO LONGER!!

Sean (Believe in the process) Cole
(AKA Fitness Dad)

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