John wick tops the cinema and I CAN’T see why?

May 27th 2019


John wick tops the cinema charts and I CAN’T see why?


Am I getting old?


The answer is yes!


I’m not gonna spoil what happens but I’ve never seen a film with so many fight scenes, it ended up a bit of a farce and pretty unbelievable.


I hear ya, “BOOOOO are you mad, I love a good fight scene, the john wick films are epic!”


Look, you know in your heart of hearts that the amount of damage he sustained would kill him


..but I bet against my advice that you’re still gonna see it, aren’t ya?


READ THIS – I’ll let you know one thing, before you commit.


…I am definitely not a film critic and know as much about fighting as a newborn baby.


There you go, I admit that I am not the best person to critique a film like this, which means you should try it out, go for it, make your own mind up …


This kind of honesty rarely crops up in the fitness industry and it grips my shit


You have the fuckwit trainer who is smashing you to pieces in the gym for every visit, telling you to get your heart rate to the max every session…. This fuckwit is on CRACK.


This trainer is as good at training as I am at critiquing the new john wick film.


He/she is smashing you and ignoring your injury profile, your movement and your goals because they are clueless.


TOP TIP – If for every session you feel like you are dying, your movement is terrible and the injuries are creeping in…. Do me (and you) a favour and find a new trainer.