i’ve ate too much

March 4th 2018


Do you ever get like that… “I wish I hadn’t ate that much…”

I’ve been working hard recently and been hearing this a lot over the last 24 hours because of the snow…

Everyone has stayed in, smashed the food, beer, chocolate and wine…Because of this the belly’s are swollen and the farts are stinking…. #badtimes

This is not an uncommon occurence lots of food and bad guts…

But who cares, as it was a lot of fun getting the bad guts…!!

And the snow (for some) was awesome…!

It was great to have an unnanounced well-earned break.

A break from the rush of normal day life, a break from the bullshit, It is also the time when you should be thinking of what to do next…??

What do YOU mean..?

How are you gonna make time for YOUR fitness goals before the summer holidays…?

You need to map out what you do during the week and pick 3 hours out of that week to get fit and healthy, ONLY 3 HOURS…yep

Your Coach/Trainer will then show you how to maintain fitness, drop the excess fat and stay healthy

But you need to fit it into your lifestyle, or it just won’t work


1. Make sure you train at the same time every day
i.e Mon, Wed, Fri @1800

2. Prepare your food the night before (works for me!)

3. Manage your diary 2 weeks in advance

4. Stop making excuses

5. Believe in the process

6. Stop eating shit. (This one isn’t easy for some)

These are the simple rules you need to use to make sure your goals for the summer beach body are in place.

Sean Cole
Training Director
SC Vital Fitness