is your personal trainer a liar?

June 8th 2017


Is your Personal Trainer a liar..?

One of the things that strikes me with most Personal Trainers is that they never have a story of them being out of shape…are they telling the truth…?
Now don’t get me wrong, im sure most of them have always been in good nick and never pissed off with life, so then could it be true that all Personal Trainers are born with a 6 pack…?
Or are they just talking bullshit..?
>>So i decided to out someone and tell their real story<<
The story of how it is not easy to get fit and stay fit.
The story of how stress can make you bloated 
The story of the nights on the beer getting pissed to block out the shit times….who could this be…??

Now that i have peaked your interest you may be wondering, who is this trainer..??
Who did i research to give you an idea of the real them..??

>>>>That trainer i researched is me…

This is me (see below) when I was at my lowest 

On the left is me around 14 years ago, I was a serving Physical Trainer in the armed forces and was a bit chunky to say the least.

At the time of this picture I was in a bad way, a bad relationship and a bit of a daft lad who drank and ate too much.

The stress I put my body under, through neglect and handling it with beer was immense, it was the worst and most unhealthy I have ever been

Today it’s a different story, the picture on the right is me loving what I have right now.

A great relationship with fantastic family/friends and limited visits to the boozer

What this shows is that genetics don’t make you unhealthy and fat, it’s your lifestyle stress, relationships and bad nutrition choices that make you fat.

All you need to know is that everyone has their own private journey and that, when you are ready to change and admit that it is you who is at fault….. We will be waiting to help 


Sean Cole
Training Director, SC Vital Fitness
Portsmouth’s Leading Personal Training Gym

P.S – There isn’t a PS today, just a big thank you for being part of my journey, you drive me to make a change in the fitness industry and achieve awesome results.