Is the way you workout a mistake…?

October 29th 2015


So then, you want to dominate in your sport or just get plain strong and powerful, yet the biggest mistake you can do is to train to be a bodybuilder….

The general idea with regards lifting weights is to associate this with bodybuilding, instead of the proper weight lifting with regards powerlifting or Olympic lifting.

It is true without the influence of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the old lads of bodybuilding we would not have the great lifting culture that we have now as they were a great driving force and a massive influence on anyone who wanted to chuck some tin around and deserve a massive amount of credit.

Although they deserve a massive amount of credit for what they did, by ensuring lots of us got off our arses  and into the gym, the principles of their training does nothing for the athlete or the general population and confuses the issue as most people tend to relate the big muscled bodybuilder or the muscled physique athlete as being strong and fit.

With most sports, MMA, boxing, judo, rugby, it is not always about size, sometimes in these sports the bigger muscular guys, tend to be to heavy and lack conditioning.


 what should you do..?

If you are training for sport or training to get powerful and strong, your programme should revolve around increasing performance, by using more compound movements whilst trying to increase the force you proudce as this in turn will make your stronger and also develop an atheltic phsyique as long as the nutrition is on point. Therefore training like a bodybuilder with split body part routines and isolation work, is not the way to do it.

An athletic physique is that of an MMA fighter (See above), slight and strong or a strongman, big and strong (See below).

To conclude, If you do a body part split for your training with multiple high reps on your body parts, you are doing it wrong….

Sean Cole
Head Coach