Is it your fault..?

July 14th 2017


Stop fixing the symptoms, start fixing the cause.
If I were to hit you on the head with a hammer every 5 minutes, the symptom would be a headache,
treating this with 2 paracetamol is unlikely to solve the problem for very long. However if you stop me
hitting you on the head, the headaches will subside as you have fixed the cause of the symptom.
Unfortunately many aspects of fitness of health are treated by fixing symptoms. Being chubby for
example is a symptom of overeating and dieting is like taking 2 paracetamol, as soon as you stop things go
back to the way they were.

Instead, if better habits are built, nutrition knowledge is improved, and approaches to food altered, then chances are the symptoms will be reduced and stay reduced.
The same can be said for a lot of injuries, if you have pain in your shoulders this is a symptom, likely being
caused by incorrect movement, treating this with a little rehab and some ibuprofen may relieve pain for a
while, but unless you address the cause, looking at mobility, stability, strength, and the movement, then
the pain will likely reappear.
So next time you are seeking a resolution, look to fix the cause, not the symptom, and seek advice from
those that do likewise.


​Chris Bundell
SC Vital Fitness

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