is eating a pain in the arse?

September 19th 2018


Is eating a Pain in the arse?

You know, that food prep thing?

You know eating like an adult, is it really that bad?

I get it, you don’t have time to prep food, just like 6 pack pete and his multitude of followers on instagram do…. so what next?

The question you gotta ask your self is…. when did making a packed lunch (like we had to at school!) become food prep and such a chore?

It is not food prep, it’s making a packed lunch

The best thing about a packed lunch as an adult, is that you get to pick what goes in it… so, you can say goodbye to nutella on cheap bread, apple, crisps and a penguin..

….and instead make some choices that you like…. how cool is that..!

The thing is, Protein should be your main ingredient (meat!) then make up the rest with some carbs (Bread, Rice, Pasta) and some salad or veg…

The portion size is the key… we will talk about that later in another email/blog…but for now, stop making things so damn difficult..!