if you are over 35, you need this

August 6th 2017


Ok – I talk a LOT about he problems you could face in the gym right? 

It’s what I’m known for, and the reason we are sought after for fat loss and strength gain programs and why men over 35 trust us to train and educate them about fitness.

And everyone always asks me, after they’ve had some personal training or worked our on their own…
“Sean… what is the best exercises for (fill in the blank —————?” 

Ahh yes… the dreaded working out on your own…

As you’ll soon see it’s the #1 reason people fail and flop pathetically … even when everything else is done right… 

And good personal training or working out?

Well, whether you pay an arm and a leg to a gym or trainer (who is clueless)… or you invest years into learning how to do it yourself either way it’ll cost you a freakin’ fortune!

Which is why I realised the general gym goer over 35, needed a different option…

Something that could take proven gym workouts and make it easy for you to get awesome FAT loss results and not be intimidated by going to the gym weights area with all the other stringer vest wearing Bro’s…

Yup. Whether you need: 

  • Nutrition
  • Workout plans
  • Accountability
  • Community
  • Space to get on the equipment
  • Or anything else…

Our Personal Training facility “SC Vital Fitness” can do ALL that (and a whole lot more)… 

And I’ll show you exactly how you can make it work on the 30 Day Experience


​Talk soon,
Sean Cole

P.S. The 30 Day Experience doesn’t do EVERYTHING for you… you still have to work hard, but it will give you the tools to make your fitness journey an awesome one!