I wish i hadn’t eaten that much…

July 19th 2017


So then, this is a sentence reverberated by many of us after a night of indulgence, we feel like poop and we wish we hadn’t eaten that much…
You go out at the weekend, you have a BBQ on Sunday and the meat sweats start, your skin feels clammy and your tummy is swollen
Because of this the bellies are swollen and you just feel like having a nap, but there is always room for something sweet, isn’t there…!

.… is this you…?
This is not an uncommon occurrence lots of food and the craving for something sweet after a hefty meal..
But who cares, as it was a lot of fun getting a swollen belly and the meat sweats..!!
And the food was awesome…!
The stories of how it used to be and how the summer BBQ is a great time for the family and an even better time to have a well-earned break
A break from the rush of normal day life, a break from the bullshit
It is also the time when you should be thinking not of sweet treats, but what to do next…??
What do YOU mean..?
How are you gonna make time for YOUR fitness goals after the summer hols, to be ready to fit into the going out, out clothes for the next work night out…?
You need to map out what you do during the week and pick 3 hours out of that week to get fit and healthy…ONLY 3 HOURS…yep
Your Personal Trainer (if you are lucky enough to have one) will then show you how to maintain fitness, drop the excess fat and stay healthy
But you need to fit it into your lifestyle, or it just won’t work
1. Make sure you train at the same time every day
i.e Mon, Wed, Fri @1800
2. Prepare your food 3 days in advance
3. Manage your diary 2 weeks in advance
4. Stop making excuses
5. Believe in the process
6. Stop eating shit on a daily basis
These are the simple rules you need to use to make sure your goals for
2016 will get you to the right place…
Fat loss
Strengh gains
Increased fitness etc

Just like the people on our “People of Fitness Page”


Sean  Cole 
Training Director

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What if that is just another excuse you will have to tell everyone, about why your out of shape and still have a swollen BBQ  belly
“The gym didn’t let me in, why??”
Because of Your lack of preparation..
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