I want results quickly, but the gym sucks

December 30th 2019


It’s January, I want to join a gym…


…but all gyms suck and no matter how hard I try I don’t seem to get results quickly!!


READ this before you commit, or if you are already in an awesome gym then this may help


It is for those of you who feel they have been let down by the service they received in the gym industry, making them frustrated pissed of, but ready to do something about it…..


Your thoughts….(yes I know them..) (see below)


“So after lots of pissing about, I joined a gym…


Not any gym, I knew I had to do something different to get different results. This is an “exclusive” gym and double the price of anything I have ever done before.


I got excited. I went to sessions. I felt weak, urgh, where had my strength gone? My body fat is high. Holy fuck where have my muscles gone?


I used to be so fit (gah!!). I changed my diet. I wanted to make excuses not to go because it was hard. I’m too busy. It was/is hard work!!


Don’t you know how much work, social life etc I’ve got on? (excuses)


I haven’t got enough time! I felt like a beginner. My EGO didn’t like it.


I kept going… I book small group training sessions so I’m accountable. I’m sssooooo tired… BUT…I kept going…


I’m sore! I kept going….. 


In 2 1/2 weeks my weights got much heavier I’m feeling stronger. It feels like it’s getting harder… WTF!


I Just. Keep. Going.


I don’t listen to the voice telling me it’s ok to miss one session


I have more energy without the shit food :-)….BUT


…I can’t see any change in my body yet

I’m impatient ….!


I really want to feel and look different! NOW Goddammit!!

consistency is my mantra. YES, I’m off to the gym.”


I must remind myself that change isn’t always easy but staying where I was, was much harder.”


Woah, that was tough to hear/read?


From me and the Team at SCVF

So if you take it one step in front of the other, one day at a time. 

Just keep moving forward. 

You can do it. we have your back…


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