I Quit

August 3rd 2016



​Life ain’t easy..

Especially since you had kids


Since you started working hard
with long unsociable hours


Your back was sore, because
you are sat on your arse at work
all day


You don’t have time because
168 hours per week is not enough
time to workout


Maybe YOUR workouts are boring
and consist of 3 sets of 10 reps
on the machines


The gym is full of stringer vest
wearing lads sat on benches
texting on their mobiles so i 
can’t workout ..#intimidated


I get it, we have all been there
with an excuse as to why we
can’t get a workout done

My Excuses…READ THIS

My gym is the busiest it has ever
been with awesome clients achieving
some awesome results…#bestmembers

I don’t have time to workout

I work around 60 hours per week
and really do believe that we are
changing peoples lives

I don’t have time to workout

I am busy, really busy, i have had
times when the only thing that 
made me happy was FOOD

Yep, what do you expect when your
dads a chef…

(i kidded myself that i was bulking
to get strong)

So i decided to neglect the hard
parts of my workout and stuffed my
face with anything in site

it worked, i bulked up… (i got chunky)

BUT, I worked out a feew years ago (see pic below),
that it was all a big 
excuse to be lazy and not do the work

So maybe that is why i got ill at
my last competition…?

I had to cut back to weight and still
maintain strength

Did i get it wrong because i was
lazy and full of excuses..?

The answer is YES…(Probably)

So its over to you

What excuses do you have
that are getting in your way..?

Keeping you from getting a 
lean body and ridding yourself
of your beer belly or muffin top..?

We all have excuses, it just depends
on watcha gonna do about it..?

Sean not a quitter cole (AKA fitness Dad)
Head Coach

P.s – I have managed to pull my finger out

of my own arse… How…??

I went and got myself a coach…

Yep, im a coach who is getting coached

This will hold me accountable and make me
do the work….

No excuses, just a lean and strong body..

So then, are you gonna get a coach and
join me on my journey…??