I need help

August 21st 2016



“Behind every good man there is an even better woman”

I was told this a few years ago and mugged it off as
some kind of airy fairy comment…. it didn’t apply to me..
Then i met Holly (aka hotlips) she has been the support
i have needed to achieve everything i have done in the last 10 years..
It is the same as these guys and girls at the olympics…
They all have a massive support network that has helped
them get to where they are…..

im not on about their physios, their coaches etc….im talking
about the biggest support network WE ALL NEED to make sure
we reach our goal…

Our family and freinds, they are our biggest support, they are
the ones that are going to make sure WE achieve a goal, stick
to a plan and believe in the process.

Once you have cracked it with a support network, then we all need
the support of a community (gym) and a coach.


The community of a good gym, will keep you accountable
and give you even more impetus to get to the gym and
smash your workouts.

The take home message..

If you want to embark on a fitness journey, there are a
few things that we all consider…

1. The right programme
2. The right gym.
3. The right coach.
4. The right diet (nutrition plan)
5. The right workout kit

There are so many more i could list, BUT they are
all useless unless you have the biggest thing to help
you reach your goal..
SUPPORT…in this order
1. Family
2. Friends
3. Coach

If you can nail this support network, the goal you want will be reached

There will be trips and falls along the way, but if you with it
and ask YOUR support network to chip in when you need
them, you will smash it.. 🙂

Sean Cole
Head Coach