i nearly died…

May 8th 2017


​Are the doctors a bunch of over paid jumped up snobs..?

A while ago the doctors are all on strike about there pay and i completely get it..

These professionals don’t get paid enough for the job they do and if it wasn’t for some doctors, i am sure a few of us would not have the life we live today

My Story

Around 8 years ago i was diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), that was caused by an insect bite.

An insect bite doesn’t seem much, but it managed to put me in a wheel chair on 2 occasions.

In 2009 as i was struggling to walk without pain and if it wasn’t for the intervention of a medical professional (My Doctor) i would not be who i am today 

A DVT if left untreated can kill you…. #truth 

This doctor saved my life… (Thank you) 

>>Now we also see the same thing in the fitness industry 

The guys who are good (there are a few) will go above and beyond to help their clients and i believe that they can save people from disease and bad health 

They do SAVE LIVES… 

Write this down… 

The government initiative with the doctors, is trying to do it on the cheap side. 

Think on this.. 

Would you go to a Doctor if he offered operations for half price and feel confident that they could do the same job..??

Would you go to a Doctor if he offered free taster sessions for a life saving operation..??

Would you go to a Doctor and ask for a FREE written plan for your treatment without an assessment and knowing what you need..?


So then, would you look for a PT that offers free taster sessions or Free workout plans and expect the same result as the professional who provides the service you need for the right price..?

The choice is simple..

Invest in the right trainer and save your life.


Sean Cole
Training Director, SC Vital Fitness
Portsmouth’s Leading Personal Training Gym

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