I Hate Eating..

May 19th 2015


Morning peeps,

Just had a meeting with a 

prospective client and asked her

how much she likes to workout

how many days per week etc..

(I also asked her if could post this ..)

“I workout 5 days a week, 

sometimes 2 x per day and in

the evening i will often double up

on the classes (bodypump, step etc)

I know what you’re thinking..??

This woman must be a an absolute machine, why

does she need to join another facility..??

The truth is, she was overweight (around 16 stone) and had

reached a plateau for the last 6 months and couldn’t shift
the excess weight..

What is the problem..??

Her trainer told her to keep up the sessions..
(Do more if you can)

He also told her to eliminate carbs at night..
(Just a protein shake will do!!)

He also dropped her calorie intake to 1200..

Write this down..

Conducting more exercise and eating less

food makes the body catabolic, you will use

the proteins (Muscles) as a fuel source, therefore

turning you into a fat storing machine, 

not a lean machine that you want to be…

A regular workout routine of 3-5 times per week

at the correct intensity with the correct nutrition

is the way ahead, the body is clever and will adapt

to any situation, …..

if you starve it, you will store fat

if you feed it you will build lean muscle, therefore

burn more fat… (You won’t get big and bulky!)

Flow chart below

I have attached a calorie flow chart, it explains

that if you don’t have enough calories, what 

happens to the body…

have a look and ditch the diet and 
the excessive gym use..

Sean (Love a rant) Cole (AKA Fitness Dad)


i am brutally honest and love what i do.. HARD WORK..

Do you want a story like this? See you at the gym …. 



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