I hate change, can you help?

July 22nd 2016


Here are our Practical Strategies for the Stages of Change:

Precontemplation Stage. 
This is where you should find opportunities in your life around an issue of
healthy eating and weight loss. Then you should discuss the topic with a coach
but avoid getting into specific strategies as it may take a little longer
to get used to change.

Contemplation Stage. 
Create a decision balance sheet to identify any motivating statements
and potential barriers to change.
(Put the motivating statements on the bathroom mirror)

Assess your own level of motivation and confidence. Start to build self-efficacy
and teach yourself how to problem solve.

Preparation Stage. 
Make a plan about which changes to undertake. Set process (short-term) goals
based on he motivating statements on your bathroom mirror.

Action Stage. 
This is where you may need a coach to provide positive reinforcement
for any successes, however small.
The coach will help you to identify future improvements or maybe
suggest starting a food log or diary.

Maintenance Stage. 
This is all about you and how you can continue to reinforce success
and positive behavior.

Your coach will help you to identify the dangers of relapse and
identify strategies for common situations that are likely to occur.

Termination Stage. 
This is time to modify your goals and create new ones, as needed.
Remember that few of you will ever get to the point where relapse
​is not a possibility!


​​Sean Cole
Head Coach