I hate being a DAD

October 29th 2019


Being a Dad again is hard work


Of course, I don’t hate it, I just HATE CHANGE 🙂


The thing that makes it hard, is the Change to my lifestyle


Yep, we (including me!) all hate change….


…. and bringing a baby into the world at 46 is one hell of a change!!


My routine is all over the place


It used to be early nights every night without a care in the world.


But I have had to make some SACRIFICES and it’s hard, but I wouldn’t want anything else 🙂


Now, my sleep is broken and the little bundle of joy lets us know who’s boss


The thing is, I still wouldn’t go back, this POSITIVE change is epic…

…and I don’t hate being a DAD, I actually love it!


The same thing kinda thing happens when you make a positive change in your lifestyle


Nutrition – You try to eat a bit better to lose FAT


Gym – You start working out to torch FAT


Social life – This has to slow down in order for your FAT loss goals to work


Yep, in order for you to make a positive change, you have to make a couple of sacrifices


The main one is to stop eating and drinking like a nob… 😉


Not all change will be easy, but I have had to change to better my life and I LOVE it.


Top Tip – Change is good…