how you should think about carbs

February 25th 2018


No carbs at night, no carbs if you want to lose weight, blah blah blah….

This is why so many people are confused with nutrition. …it is all to do with the white noise, that is experienced in the media, or by Personal Trainers who provide Bro science advice…

So what do you do..?

If you listen to some trainers, they may tell you the following:

Don’t to eat carbs after 7pm,

Only eat carbs before or after training,

Dont have any white carbs, because it’s not strict paleo..??

White carbs are just sugar, that will make you fat and should be avoided..Really..?

Aaaaaarrgggghhhh…..!! it even confuses me….

This is all about you and what you need, not about your ego driven bodybuilding style trainer who tries to get you to do what he/she does. (Don’t get me started on supplements.. (next week)). I get it, I’ve been there as a 20 something lad (I’m now a grown man of 44) and listened to the bro’s in the gym, the same bro’s that are now on social media, spouting rubbish.

Here in lies the problem – Social Media, (The ironic thing is that i am passing this info to you through some form of media…. doh..!)

Time for some real talk….

If you workout and want to get strong, eat carbs to fuel your body and for post workout food.

If you workout and want to lose weight, try limiting carbs for breakfast, i.e porridge, toast, yogurts, fruit, cereal etc.

If you workout and want to get strong and put on muscle, try eating an excess of calories i.e 200-300

If you workout and want to lose weight, do not starve yourself but eat less calories for a slow approach i.e 200-300 calorie deficit.

Fitness and working out has evolved from eating steak/eggs or egg whites with carrot sticks, i implore you to stop starving or restricting yourself from the things you like and start living.

Sean Cole
SC Vital Fitness