How to write YOUR own Programme

April 17th 2015


Like a VIRGIN at his 

first orgy….. THIS IS GOING TO BE QUICK…!

…No bullshit!!

It’s just a quick guide on a workout

that you can put together for YOURSELF…

you can change exercises around

as long as they fall into the same categories… 🙂

1. Pressing movement (Bench, Mill press etc)

2. Pulling movement (Bent over row, pull up etc)

3. Hinge (RDL, KB Swing)

4. Squat (Squat, Lunge etc)

5. Carry/core (Yoke, Farmers Turkish get up etc)

Thank you Dan John for Easy Strength!!!! (Top Coach!)

This is a workout that will build all round great

strength and size….!

Master it for great gains 🙂

Sean (Not A Virgin!) Cole (AKA Fitness Dad)

I want in…!

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