How to FAIL at weight loss in 2020

December 28th 2019


Listen to anyone selling a quick fix solution


Don’t do the following:


Any and all Diet shake supplements

Detox Cleanse

Skinny tea

Skinny coffee


Eliminate carbs

Slimming body wraps

Go vegan for health reasons etc

Pay for a meal plan of a diet shake seller

(essentially anything that isn’t sustainable or a quick fix)


How to succeed at weight loss in 2020


Form habitual routines that you can stick to


Try the following:


3 x per week gym (minimum)

Commit to something longer than 2 weeks

Eat lean protein with every meal

Eat cake (in moderation)

Drink alcohol (in moderation)

Educate yourself around food (Speak to a good trainer)

Stop blaming others

Make time


Your journey to weight loss is made all year round with a sustainable approach, if you would like to know more we offer FREE advice to anyone who asks.