how to eat better when travelling

January 31st 2017



Tips To Eat a little better When Traveling away for Work

I get it, travelling away for work can be a bit of nightmare when trying to stay healthy and in charge of YOUR goals.

Lots of hours on planes trains and automobiles to deal with, a severe lack of sleep and lots of terrible food to choose from.

So, this got me thinking and I thought I would put together a few ideas of how to make sure your trip is not an unhealthy one.

>>Here’s what you can do..


If you have more than 24 Hours notice (most of you do!) this is the time to plan an extra few minutes to prepare, in order for you to make a few better choices when you travel.

If you PLAN your journey, this will give you the opportunity to see where you can pick up the odd snack.

Doing this will ultimately ensure that the fuel (food) that you pick, is a mindful choice and you won’t grab a quick on the go Rustler Burger.


>Number 1

Pack some better snacks when you are travelling and a few extras for your destination.

I.E: Try popcorn (not the buttered kind!) chopped veg (peppers, carrots etc) and some nuts. Or even make yourself an egg fratarte (omelette type thing) and eat it cold, it tastes better than it sounds.

>Number 2

Instead of buying pre packed sandwiches, why not pick up your food in separate packs. I.E – Cooked meats, salad bag etc (Marks & Spencers is awesome for this)

Then it’s time for a picnic..!

Once you have all your bits and bobs, you can then make your own lunch of cooked meats, wraps and salad. This will make sure that at least you know it wont be full of the crap.

>Number 3

At the hotel, go continental for your breakfast. Avoid the muffins — which often contain 350 – 450 calories or more. Grab a couple of pieces of fresh fruit to enjoy as a snack later in the day.

>Number 4

This can be the nightmare for some of you. If you need to eat out be sure to have a good protein source, lean meats with an order of 2 servings of veg with limited carbs.

>>After all you are a grown up, the choice is all yours.<<

>Number 5

Watch your portion sizes, this can be the killer, even if food is high quality.

What i am trying to say is, if you eat too much no matter what the quality is, you will still get FAT.

>Number 6

The night is near and this is the time where you will need to watch out for the drinks with high-sugar additions. Drinks such as margaritas and cocktails with fruit juices or soft drinks.

Make a bit more of a mindful choice and pick drinks that or on the rocks, or choose a glass of wine.

I bet you thought i was going to say drink water and eat lettuce leaves…


​Sean Cole
Training Director

P.S If you have any questions, give me a shout or pop your comments below.