How can baby poo make you fitter?

August 27th 2019


How can having a baby make you fitter not fatter?

Don’t jump on your high horse just yet, let me give you the low down.

So then, I have had a new baby brought into my life.

It is pretty overwhelming, to say the least.

Sleepless nights, farts burps, spew and korma coloured poo (Projectile on my leg!)!

It is a new venture for us both and something we are excited about…

…but kinda know it’s gonna be hard work.

The thing is, the amount of support we have is unreal, especially from people we don’t even know.

We walk around as proud parents (covered in POO) and people stop us in the street to ask us:

How’s it going?”  and wish us well and “good luck” at every opportunity.

So then, it got me thinking about the overwhelming time you decide to join a gym

The time when even your friends didn’t offer support, they just took the piss.

“The gym, are you having a laugh, you won’t last!”

Then there is the people in the gym, the ones who look at you with disgust

“What are you doing here, you don’t belong!”

I’m not saying go and have a baby and let it POOP on your leg

Just think of this new venture of going to the gym as something that is as important and overwhelming as bringing a new life into the world.

Essentially the new life – Is Yours…