How a Foxy lady achieved 17 kg fat loss without starving herself

April 28th 2019


We hear more often than not about the 8 week shred and how much people lose in 8 weeks, but for this person it was more of the long gain over 18 months of hard work.


I know what your thinking, I can’t do that!


Similar to our achiever when they started, “ is there not a quicker way to do it?”


Of course there is… but it will lead to a miserable lifestyle and eventually the weight will pile back on… aka slimming world and quick fix diets.


Yes, we would like to take all the credit, but this is all down to hard work and believing in the long term process.


So what DIDN’T they do to achieve this awesome transformation?


>Count calories

>Demonise foods by calling them syns

>Eat 6 meals per day

>Look at the scales everyday

>Restrict certain food groups


Instead they DID THIS


>Gym 3-4 x per week (50 min sessions)

>Eat real food (no diet shakes and pills!)


>Believed in the process


And the results speak for themselves, 17kg of fat loss (not weight loss) in 18 months


How do they feel? (Their words)


“If you try this gym, you’ll never look back. The coaches make every session fun and safe, and they push you to be the best you can be. I’ve not only felt results physically but also mentally (I feel 100% better after previously suffering from depression). It doesn’t matter what age or fitness level you are, you’ll always leave a session feeling invigorated. What else can you ask for?”

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