How do they do that..??

May 6th 2015


“There is no point going to that gym called

SC Vital Fitness, they only train athletes…

..the coaches are to overqualified for normal

people..” (What the fuck is normal..?)

My thoughts..?

I sense that we are making waves in the industry

especially in the area of Portsmouth and some trainers

are trying to put people off by saying we are too good

for them.. (I smell bullshit..!)

ALL I CAN SAY IS THANK YOU for the nice compliments

but you couldn’t be further from the truth..¬†ūüôā¬†

However, there is some slight
truth to¬†that¬†statement….

Please read on and ill tell you more..

Right then¬†sweet cheeks…This is what we do…

We treat everyone like an athlete..

There is a difference to being labelled an athlete

and being¬†treated like one….


For all of our guys we do this:

*We put together a 3 month plan
(or longer depending on YOUR aim)

*We cater the plan for that persons needs 
(Weight loss, Sport etc)

*We cater for their goals 
(Needs analysis of their goal)

*We assess the members every 4 weeks.

What does this mean to you..

You will produce better more consistent results

compared to the guys/girls who don’t plan their workouts…. #truth


Why does this make a difference..?

This is what has happened at SC Vital Fitness

over the last 4 months..

1. Body fat has been dropped on average 4-6%

2. muscle has been gained

3. people have been educated

4. And due to the hard work of some of the guys/girls

they have managed to enter some competitions

and perform brilliantly…
(4 members All in the top 2 of their events..!)

If you want to reach your goal being treated like
an athlete is how you should¬†do it….

It goes something like this….

By Goal setting..
By planning..
By assessing your progress…


Most people fear the unknown, do yourself a favour

ask YOUR trainer if he plans your workouts, or do you plan them..

….or is it just made¬†up on the spot??

If you are just making it up as you go along

how the do you expect to achieve your goal

be it fat loss or entering an event, such as the 

great south run etc..??

To that end, we may even hold your hand if you want … ūüôā

That’s how we do it..!

If you want results, you know what to do next..

I want a copy of that awesome 
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