Healthy menu ideas

April 24th 2018


Healthy Menu ideas

Nope just some info on the bullshit that surrounds the fitness industry

Lemon water and superfood chickpea salad.. (aka beer and a steak sandwich)

Many fit pros will tell you that you need to have unsustainable limitations to your life in order to stay fit and healthy….(you need some but not something that makes it intolerable)

No fruit, no carbs, no meat, diet shakes, boo tea, etc..

Real life is not an unsustainable load of bullshit, real life is all about how you balance your life with your fitness goals..

If you drink every day, you are not going to achieve your goal, if you eat shit every day you still won’t achieve your goal..

If you aim for an 80/20 split, eat with real food, sleep well and drink water, you will be surprised how much your life will change..

Or you can chuck your money into another fad, another online nutrition programme and listen to bullshit..

When in reality, what you need to do, is be a GROWN UP, find the right trainers and make some better choices…

Sean Cole
Training Director