He told me that he stuck his finger up his ASS

July 3rd 2019


What a conversation that was..


I was on the phone to my Dad and he made a Boo Boo


He didn’t realise he was on loudspeaker in the car and proceeded to tell me and the missus about his latest doctors visit


I decided to let him ride the wave and didn’t let him know that Holly (aka hotlips) was in the car uncontrollably laughing (silently!) and listening.


Thankfully all was ok!!


On a serious note, knowing that my Dad was telling me about this, kinda made me feel thankful, that he was comfortable telling me (and Holly) every gory detail ha ha!!


In fitness, this could be the holy grail if you find a coach that you can talk too.


I’m not saying you should talk about finger poking up the bum, i’m on about the general worries you may have that could affect your fat loss or fitness journey.


Find that coach and your journey will be an awesome one